Parasound Halo A23 Amp/P3 Halo Preamp

A non-audiophile very senior citizen friend is looking to put together a somewhat modest system, which I would help him set-up. I was thinking of reocmmending the generally well-reviewed balanced Parasound A23 and P3 components, especially because there is a 10 year warranty to the original owner. However, in exploring the Internet, I have found -- in greater numbers than I expected -- comments about the unreliability of these components, particularly the A23. Negative reports include excessive hum and hiss; products being dead on arrival new out of the box; and product failures after several months of operation. Any comments or shared experiences would be most helpful, since I want only the best for my elderly friend. Thank you.
I used the A23 and thought it a class unit (way above average sound as well).
I've never had a Parasound piece require remedial work.

If you have any doubts, consider another product in that price range.

Dealer disclaimer.
I've owned both and while I didn't have any severe issues, I did have a slight hum that was difficult to hear. Almost impossible with any complicated music.

Richard emailed me back and forth trying to get it solved. We never did.

Perhaps an integrated may be the way to go for your friend.
I had the A21 and P3. The A21 did experience a problem but the guys at Parasound took care of it promptly. Assuming the Halo line gives your friend the sound he is after, I would recommend this product as a great entry level system.
I have owned, sold or installed maybe 50 or so Halo combos. I have NEVER had one single issue with amplifier hum, DOA, or other. As rock solid of a product as you can get imho.

Where did you read these reports?
Hello friends, i also have been fortunate enough to having owned and enjoyed the mighty Halo P3 and A23 Parasound combo and they have been rock solid reliable and incredibly sounding units connected in balance configuration. Upon listening to my units a friend bought a pair as well and both mine and hers have function perfectly. That was more than 4 years ago.

Good luck in your search amigo.