Parasound Halo A-21 and 5250 vs. Sunfire TGA-7401?

Hey y'all.  I'm contemplating replacing the Halo (for my Magnepan 1.7's for 2 channel) and the 5250 (for the Martin Logan HT speakers) with the single 7401.  The extra power may not make a huge differnce for the 2 channel, but the current source for the planars has my interest piqued.  I am unfortunately not in a position to audition the options, since I live in a very rural area of the deep south.  I'm hoping someone out there has some experience with these pieces that can shed some light.  The A/B class and Downconverting of the Sunfire amp also has me wondering.  John Curl, vs. Bob Carver, hmmmmmm?
The A21 is a recent amp, but there's now an A21+
For age and performance, it beats all the rest on your list.

I'm looking for a 7 channel solution, Erik, but thanks.
Anyone have any experience with the NAD M27?  It seems the class D amps have come a LONG way.
How about the Lexicon LX-7?
What???  No one has any opinions on the listed amps??