Parasound DAC-Help?

I just ventured into the exciting world of DAC's.Hooked up a parasound DAC1100 to my old Denon Cd player thru the coaxial input.Notice that the sound is a bit louder and much clearer is that how it should be?Is the digital input better than the coaxial,and what are those lights that say 32 hz ,44 hz and 48 hz.Only the 44 hz lights up on my set,does it change??How,there is no selection.To be honest it is a 2nd hand set and there is no manual.Any help appreciated.

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You better use coaxial (RCA) connectors rather than digital one (toslink) due to Toslink makes a lots of jitter. Also you must have a digital coaxial cable (75 Ohms). You can not use the normal cable for digital transmission