Parasound CDB-2000 vs CEC TL2., Worth the upgrade?


I currently have a CEC/Parasound CDB-2000 belt drive transport.
I recently found a CEC TL-2 (can't demo. online only).

Any opinions as to how much better it will be?
Worth the extra money?

Dac is a Wadia 32.

Great question! We are in the same boat. I've had a Parsound CBD-2000 for several years. It has been great until recently, starting to not read discs and such. Don't know if I should replace laser and belt for 200-300 bucks plus shipping charges to and fro, or just invest in a new player/transport. Having said that there is something special about these transports that I really do like, especially at the price point.
I really like mine as well.
Sounds so smooth and full bodied.
Just a great sounding transport.

Thus I wonder what a higher end one sounds like.

Mine needs repair as well (motor).
Doesn't want to play the lower tracks.
It kinda skips because the motor can't get a high enough speed.
I found the CBD a little dark and slightly lacking in dynamics.Was a nice unit,but better can be had-for more $$.