Parasound C2 As A Stereo Preamp?

Just wondering if anyone has experience with this scenario, as it would be ideal for my situation if it was worthwhile. I am suddenly in need of a replacement balanced preamp for my second system. Given the time of year, with Christmas/holiday expenses, my winter property taxes due, and several other unexpected expenses, I need at least a stop gap (and hopefully longer) solution that's $1200.00 or under.

I reacall, at the time, reading that the C2 functioned at a pretty high level as a two channel, stereo preamp, but that was a long while back.

Even given that it is a second system, it's important that the preamp be capable of quality sound reproduction. The other components in that system are quite good, and I listen to it while working three days, and sometimes more often, per week.

Any help would be appreciated.
I had a C2 as my previous AVR w/ Krell 250a feeding B&W 801s2 Matrix.
Sound was excellent but I found the AVR somewhat difficult to use for anything but stereo listening.
Thanks, I was concerned about that. There have been several suggestions that I should find a Proceed AVP2 for this purpose. Age would concern me there, even though it has the many Mark Levinson components inside.