Parasound C1 vs C2 vs Waiting for HDMI 1.3 Pre/Pro

I've been thinking that I'll probably add a pre/pro instead of utilizing my crappy All in one solution as shortly after I get my surround sound amp solution figured out. My options for price vs performance narrowed me in on Parasound C1 or C2 used.

I really want HDMI 1.3 so I can experience some of the digital HD movies offer. Does anybody expect parasound to be offering a 1.3 HDMI integrated Pre/Pro anytime soon?

Thoughts on the C1 vs C2?

I also looked at the rotel units but I think parasound suits my needs better. Sounds first, gadgets and thing-a-ma-jigs later.

If I head down this route anytime soon I'm make the trip to demo them both but because I'm buying used I might not get the chance to in-house demo.
The C1 and C2 has an external ZHD switcher unit that has HDMI 1.3 pass through. It connects via the RS232 port. See the website for details.

No plans to rush and add HDMI to the pre-pro internally. Let all the others sort out the kinks first.
The reason I wanted the 1.3 was the more recent decoding etc. I don't actually care to get video to the unit but for the latest and greatest HD Audio decoding it has to be over HDMI 1.3
Looks like I'm getting what I want!