Parasound C-1 vs. C-2 and other preamp questions

Trying to a avoid buying two Preamps (one for the theater and one for 2 channel). I am coming to the conclusion that it might not be possible getting a theater preamp that sounds "nearly" as good as a dedicated 2-channel preamp. I currently have a pair of A-1 soundlabs and will be powering them with a pair of JC-1 monoblocks. Still trying to figure out the preamp side of things and continue to hear that the multichannel preamps just don't do a great job. Any help would be great.

Also wondering about the difference between the C-1 and the C-2. Has anyone had an opportunity to review these side by side? Is the C-1 worth the extra couple grand. I will be purchasing my preamps used either way so the difference would be closer to a grand.
Possibly you could try the new Halo C 3 when it comes out. I am in the same boat and would like to hear any additional thoughts on the matter. I have an older Bryston model 12 preamp for stereo but would love a theater pre/pro and am interested in the Parasound gear.

As far as the difference, they are both discontinued but the C-1 basically has a 5" display added.
Hello Lance .. I have the JC1s and I drive them with a Pass Labs X1 .. as a very nice combo