parasound a52 amp vs rotel 1075

i have a parasound halo c2 with a rotel 1075 amp with b&w 804s what amp would be better i dont like the rotel 1075
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Parasound a51
Parasound A52! Its heavier and even though its watts per channel is comparable to the Rotel, its produces twice as many amps per channel of peak current. The transformer is larger and capcitance greater on the Parasound. It has XLR inputs, the Rotel dosen't. Finally the A52 is Class A/AB and the Rotel is class AB only. Not knocking the Rotel but it is not in the same league as the Parasound model in question.
Parasound halo is in a totally different league than rotel's older line, don't know that much about and haven't heard Rotel's newer line. i know they use a lot of class d in their newest line, and i have heard some class d amps that i just don't like.
Rotel's older line (rb-1080, etc) does not publicize specs to the same depth that Halo does. i have tried and cannot find anywhere the current output of my Rotel amp. parasound's A23 puts out 45 amps per channel.