Parasound A51 or Mcintosh MC205?

I have 2 Adcom's 5802 & 5503 that are connected to a Klipsch Reference II system. I'm looking to replace the Adcoms and go to a 5 channel amp. The Parasound and the Mac are on my list. I also have a B&K reference 50 that I also plan to replace with a new processor (maybe Marantz). Any thoughts on the Amps?
I haven't hear the Parasound, but own a MC205 and have owned a MC7106 and a MC7205. The only encouragement I can offer on the McIntosh side is that the MC205 with the newer amp design employed by McIntosh, is that it is a vast improvement over the previous two amps I have owned for multi channel. I have been using a dedicated 2 Channel
amp for the front end and just use 3 channels of the MC205 for the ctr and rr's. I have used it for the front end and was pleased although the MC402 is a much mmuch better amp for music.
Thanks for your input - I noticed that I omitted the full description of the speakers in my original post, they are Klipsch Reference 7 II. About 80% of my listening is movies sourced by an OPPO BDP-93. Leaning towards a Marantz processor to replace the B&K Reference 50. The MAC MX121 would be nice but I'm a bit hesitant to spend 6K on something that may be obsolete in a year or two.
I have an MC205 with a pair of HALO A23s....connected to a Marantz AV8801, that replaced a McIntosh MX-121.

Save the money and get the Marantz. As for amps, they don't sound very different. The Halo's get A LOT warmer though than the Mac, so if your equipment is in tight spaces be careful...
I was looking at the MX121 myself. But the salesman told me it was based on a Denon Pre and that stopped me. I have Statement D2v that I would sell to do so. But when McIntosh sold to the same company that owns Audio Research and Sonus Faber I thought that they will develope all new equipment thst will be a full McIntosh design. So I think I will do the 3D upgrade and keep the Anthem for a few more years.
But in reality I think Marantz offers a lot of component for the money and msy be the better investment, especially on a peice that becomes outdated every year or so.
The amp will go in a cabinet about 19" wide with 2 fans mounted high in the back pulling air out. Or I was looking at the Parasound fan unit that goes on top of the amp. The Adcom 5802 I have runs pretty warm also but seems to be OK in the cabinet. Still I'm torn between the two but cost is a big consideration.
I ordered a McIntosh MC205 today!
Hows the MC205?