Parasound A31, A23 vs Marantz MM7055, &025

Currently running
Marantz AV7701  (pre-amp)
Marantz MM7025 (2 channel amp)
Marantz MM7055 (5 channel amp)
Marantz UD7007 (universal audio player)
Focal Aria 948 (Left,Right)
Focal Aria 906 (Surrounds)
Focal Aria CC900 (Center)
Rel S/5 SHO x2 (subwoofer)

Audioquest - Rocket 88 (speaker cables)
Audioquest - Yukon (interconnects XLR x7)

Thinking about switching amps to Parasound A23 x2 (surrounds) and A31 (L,R,C)