Parasound A23+ vs. Emotiva XPA-DR2

Choice amplifier for a modest two channel setup.
Do you go for 160w/ch A23+ with better soundstage, greater detail, clarity?
Do you go for 550w/ch DR2 for the punch and impactful sound?
Speakers in play are Paradigm Tributes. Speakers and room work either way.
Which way would you go and why?

(I've looked long and hard and can't find a hint of an actual review on the Emotiva DRs at all. They've been out for a while now.)

Thanks for helping out!
I would opt for soundstage, clarity and detail to get the cleanest music possible. Quality always wins vs quantity.
I would add that I owned Emo 1l monos and then switched to a Parasound Hint and the difference was astounding much more musical in all area's more significant bass and less harsh highs with the Hint.
Thanks johnto! Presently, I am leaning toward the Parasound for the reasons you pointed out. Still, I love power so the Emotiva is enticing as far as that goes.
I can obtain either amp for the same price.

Anyone else have any thoughts on this or other products for consideration?
The Parasound is in a much higher league than the Emotiva.  I had an Emotiva XDA1 dac years ago.  Cold, bright and brittle are the words that come to mind.  There really is no comparison between the 2 brands.
Without a doubt go for the Parasound for all the reasons you mentioned. Plus, it is a high current amp with a large transformer and high damping factor. High current, not watts, will drive the speakers with power and authority. 
The Paradigm Tributes, tested by Stereophile, are 92dB efficient and have an impedance which drops below 4 ohms in the lower midrange, which shouldn't affect performance. The rest of the frequency spectrum presents an easy to drive load. 
An excerpt...
"This is a speaker that plays loudly with very few watts."

The Parasound and the Tributes are very well matched. Raw power measured in watts will not provide optimum performance with these speakers.

I’ve owned Paradigm Speakers (both the Studio and Signature line), Parasound amps (A21 and A51), and Emotiva amps (XPA2, XPA3).  I had listener’s fatigue with Emotiva and Paradigm.  Not so, with Parasound.