Parasound A23

I'm planning to replace my Adcom GFA 545II because it is just too bright. My system is JM Labs Daline 3.1, Jolida 5t (upgraded but without balanced jacks), Moon 100 D and Airport Express. The speaker cable are Audioquest 8 cv and Diamondback interconnects. When I listen to jazz, brass instruments are too harsh and cause listening fatigue. The Parasound seems reasonably priced (and appropriate with the rest of the system) and the Jolida might keep the system warm. I would welcome suggestions. I was considering the Marantz integrated amps. Is there a difference between the PM 8004 and the PM 15-S2? Is it worth the extra money and getting rid of the Jolida preamp? Thanks very much.
The adcom 5 series (535, 545, 555) all had similar sonic qualities. The brightness you mentioned can be easily corrected with some bypasses on teh main filters.
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