Parasound A21 vs Parasound HCA-3500?

Has anyone out there owned both of these amps or compared them to one another?
If so, what are the sonic differences?
Which one is sonically superior overall, and in what ways?
I just sold my parasound 3500 and replaced it with clayton audio m70 class a monoblocks. I personally didn't care for the sound. I haven't had a a21 but I assume it's got the same parasound house sound....good bass, transparency but somewhat etched and grainy sounding. I was and I am currently driving thiel 3.6 with a levinson No. 39 cd processor thorough a meridian 502 pre amp with cardas neutral reference cables(revealing system). So the flaws of the parasound where multiplied even more so. What is the rest of your system makeup?
I am currently using a basic system:
Parasound P/LD-2000 preamp, Paradigm Reference Studio 100 v.2 loudspeakers, and a modded Sony XA777ES CD player.
I have owned both of these amps. I still have 2 HCA-3500's in my possesion and probably will never sell them. I liked the 3500 more due to the power difference, the dual mono construction, and the fact that this is the amp the JC1's were designed from. I think sonically they are both pretty close, but the 3500 does have a bit more low-end control. Good Luck, Matt.
What concerns me about the HCA-3500 is the fact that they have sort of a forceful, forward, and slightly edgy or etched quality to the highs.
I was wondering if the A21 is like this as well, or does it have a somewhat more relaxed sound?
Lanny, I am owner of A21 about three years - paired with Primare PRE30 preamp emerged very nice pair. Assuming you're searching for an amp as much as closer soundwise to the JC-1 (you used to own them, right?), I would vote for A21 - I guess the A21 possesses the same family sound like the JC-1, with some compromises in control and power of course...

It's absolutely accurate that JC-1 is being originated from the HCA-3500, but J. Curl (or B. Crump, cannot recall exactly) once said something like "stock HCA-3500 emerged almost unlistenable, due to some cap choice issue, resulting with very grainy highs.."

Good luck, anyway..!!
The A21 is very smooth, with no apparent grain as far as I can tell. "Etched" is not a word I would use to describe it at all. The HCA-3500 from what I understand improoves quite a bit when modded if done correctly. I'd go with the HCA-3500 if you need/want buttloads of power, and the A21 if you want good power with more refinement. I have heard them both. I own the A21.