Parasound A21

Any thoughts how a Parasound Halo A21 would compare to a Aragon 8008bb/mk2.

Thank you in advance.
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I had the A21 setup with Modwright LS100 Preamp n Martin Logan Theo speakers....Marantz Player, Talk 2 KimberKable people n went with silver streak inter n 21tc speaker cable....Nice sound for the money....very open sound in this setup....just like the KimberKable said....never had a Aragon amp so I can not say what it sounds like...But the A21 is a good buy for the money in ss amps..
Also an owner of the A21, with no experience of the Aragon. I looked it up, that amp retails for $6000! the A21 is less than half that, and doesn't double it's output at 4 ohms.

I've only experience with budget gear like NAD, Emotiva, or Adcom, but my speakers are some pretty high end Paradigm Signature S6 v2. The Parasound is the best with these revealing speakers. The sound was warmed up somewhat and the midrange is really lovely with this amp. I'm using an Oppo 95 and Pro-ject Carbon as sources with Morrow and Audioquest cabling which bring a focus and detail to the music as well.

The usual school of thought says to spend the most on the speakers which is what I did. But if you've really got the budget, the Aragon seems like a lot of amp, if you have the speakers to take advantage of it.
I have had an A21 and liked it. I now use JC1s. For nearly 6K$ I would step up to 2 JC1s (used) which sound a lot better than the A21. I am driving B&W 803D and they like high power and high current, which the JC1s have in spades.
DHL tell me more! I'm using an A21 to drive my salons and I don't come close to clipping but with these speakers I have noticed they reveal difference in amplification and I would appreciate someone with experience with both describing the difference. tks
I owned an A21, and it is an excellent amp.  I use three JC 1 monoblocks to drive a pair of KEF Reference 107/2s and a 204/2C.  These amps show the KEFs to great advantage.  Immediately noticeable was the more-felt-than-heard low pedal notes from pipe organ recordings, the same experience I get with live recitals.  And then there's the overall transparency these amps provide.  I suspect it's the ability to deliver current that makes the JC 1 sound so great.  I run mine in low bias mode which I think is Class A to 10 watts, because they got quite hot when run in high bias mode which I think remains Class A to 25 watts.