Parasound 2100

I have another thread over on the Home Theater side, but this is specifically a 2 channel question. Has anyone tried this preamp? I am also considering ditching digital and getting the Halo P7 or going all digital and getting this for vinyl and using the HT pass-though on the unit with an Integra or other high-end pre-pro.

Thoughts? How does it the 2100 compare to other sub $700 preamps? Should I eschew digital, use the analog outs on my Oppo SE, and get the P7?
If you said it was $1500 retail, I wouldn't bat an eye.
Also, it's better than the P7. and it has a decent phono board, and a variable subwoofer out. Excellent value for the money.
The Emotiva USP-1 Preamp for $ 399.00 is a much better deal
than the Parasound 2100. Its build quality inside and out
is superior to the Parasound. It has a S/N ratio of 116db's
which is the highest I've ever seen on any Preamp under
$ 700.00. For the price, the Emotiva is a steal and side by
side the Parasound looks like a piece of junk. I have owned
two Parasound Preamps over the years, both designed by John
Curl and the 2100 is not a Curl design.
If you want to go with Emotiva why not just go the the source and buy a Tonewinner.