Paraound Halo vs. Rotel vs. Adcom...

... vs. whatever else you suggest.

I'm looking for a multi-channel, SS amp for both Home Theater and 2-channel audio. I've been considering a 5-channel multi to drive surrounds, center and zone 2 and a larger 2-channel amp for the mains.

Been considering the Parasound Halo A21/A52 combo, or a similar Rotel combo. I have been told to check out Odyssey and Adcom as well, but don't have any experience with them.

Any feedback would be appreciated.

Ad THIS to your short list

Reviewer comments not mine

"you could think of this amplifier as a direct- coupled 100 watt per channel Class A amplifier with 400 watts per channel of headroom. Or you could think of it as a 1,000 watt per channel amplifier that is throttled back to a mere 500 watts for safety. Or you could simply think of it as the most powerful home theatre amplifier on the planet—because it’s all of these things."

"This amplifier has a clarity and freedom from coloration that rivals the excellent Levinson 33H mono amps in my opinion, and the CAL is far more powerful."

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