Parametric EQ for Mid-bass Hump?

I was planning on replacing my speakers (PSB Image 7PT), but have recently been considering a parametric EQ treatment to cure the mid-bass hump and add a little presence in the treble. Bass problems come from an HT type speaker placement (essentially built into a wall of bookcases) and an 8’ ceiling/16’ wall standing wave issue. My room is also fairly dead and I think this is sucking a lot of presence out of the treble. I like my comfy sofa, drapes and oriental rugs and would like to try an electronic solution versus major room surgery. Looking at a pair of Rane PE 15 equalizers, $300 each new, in the monitor loop of my Musical Fidelity 3.2 integrated. Any thoughts? (I am trying to do a poor-man’s version of the Rives PARC system.)
Just guessing, but perhaps speaker placement and listening chair placement, i.e. sitting more in the nearfield position closer to the speakers, would suffice.

For speaker placement you might try reading the posts in this thread:

Someone correct me if I'm wrong, Rane is more of a pro-sound (sound reinforcement/PA equipment) type of company and I think adding this type of unit may flatten eq curve you're experiencing at the expense of the immediacy, freshness, dynamics, air, spaciality of what you have now in your system due to the extra electronics,cables,active stage of eq unit you are passing the signal through. A hi-end company like Cello offered a preamp with effective tone controls with better sound, but at a steep price.
I know that electronic equalization is used effectively with large halls, but I have found it rather ineffective in correcting the usual small room response LF "hump". Large amounts of boost or cut seem to have little effect. For the higher frequencies, where the room dimensions play a small part, equalization works better.
Thanks for the very helpful feedback.

Stehno - I am already pretty close to the speakers maybe 7 feet from each one. Pulling them out in to the room a little would help, I am sure, but there is a LARGE resonance peak at (I am guessing) about 60 hz that I don't think I can cure just by placement. Some of the bass notes on Brushfire Fairytales literally shake the walls.

Xiekitchen - You are correct. Rane is a pro-sound piece. I think there is a little bit of bias against pro sound gear in the high end community. I absolutely guarantee you that there are folks getting the last .01% of resolution out of their $20k+ plus rigs and the actual record was recorded and/or mastered on a $2k to $5k Mackie board. As far as the quality, I figure a $600 unit is probably at least as good as the parametric EQ in the Infinity 2.6. That whole speaker system, with EQ, tone generator, SPL meter and two bass amps only costs $1000 and gets a Stereophile Class A (for whatever that is worth.)

Eldartford - I have read the same about boost. Feeding a null just puts more stuff into the void. That is why, I believe, the Rives system is cut only. But I am surprised that you did not have good results in cutting the peaks. The Rane has a -20 db cut with adjustable Q from .03 to 2+ octaves. Surely I can smooth the bass out a little? At least keep my pictures from rattling on the wall.

Will let you know the results if I end up going this way.