Parametric eq

I am looking in to purchasing a parametric eq that is transparent and very intuitive, as well as being highly effective controlling bass. It can be used or new, but most likely, I would like to hear about units below 1k. Thanks!
High quality parametric EQ units are by nature fairly expensive and more than a little complex in their operation. At MSRP the top flight units (Manley, Focusrite, GML, Drawmer, Avalon, EAR) are in the $3-4k, or higher range. Check out for used items on auction. Although it's not a parametric, check out the Night Technologies EQ3-D. It lists for slightly over $1k and has very flexible low frequency shaping capabilities.
If a digital parametric eq will suit, try the z-systems RDP-1 or RDQ-1. Flexible and transparent. Also seen used on the net.
I have the Z-systems RDP-1 and it is easy to use. If you are trying to control the bass due to room interactions, I would recommend a DSP room equalization system like Tact or Sigtech