Parallel vs. Bridged amps

Newby question here - I apologize for my naivety.

I have a pair of Rotel RB-981 stereo amps. I've bridged the amps so each one drives their own speaker (Vandersteen model 2).

I came across a short reference to "pseudo-balanced" or Parallel mode for these amplifiers. The amps are switched back to stereo and somehow one amp pushes and then other pulls.

I am still a bit confused as to how this is wired and was hoping to get some illumination from this forum.

Thanks in advance!
The simplest answer is that the plus signal of the balanced line is driven by one channel and the minus signal of the balanced line is driven by the other channel with both channels reference to the neutral leg of the balanced line. I would not attempt this sort of connection without discussing it with the manufacturer to get exact hookup recommendations.