Paragon Regent

Anyone have got some info on this speaker? I was offered this in exchange for my PSB Goldi.

I know Stereophile reviewed it in August 1995. Anyone has this review to share with me?

I think you can ask to see this review from Julio( audio classic) recentemente etive la e como ja tinha visto uma oferta dstas caixas ha 4 anos atras, fui ate a auio classic e o vi as caixas que o julio esta vendendo com novo cabeamento vander hul, nãp escutei, mas como ja tive um contour mk2 1.8, penso que seja uma caixa boa , pois a sensibilidade é de 89dcb o que pode tocar com valvula, o julio tem a revisão.
George, vc considera o preco cobrado pelo Julio como bom? E sobre a caixa, mais alguma informacao?
My friend has a pair. They're high sensitivy speakers around 92 db. Transmission line design with clock shaped cabinet. Clean and neutral sounding with excellent imaging. Works well with EL84 PP amps as well as SET amps. It works fine with McIntosh MC240s as well.
This is a no brainer! I owned a pair. They have dynaudio drivers in the Contour range and lead shields for baffling, Cardas speaker posts & wiring.. PSB is not even in the same league as these. They were overbuilt and the company went out of business in the nineties..These beauties can compete with anything @$5,000..
Hi Audiogon members. I have a pair of Regents and they are great. I use a Krell KAV 250A to drive them and believe me you will need something with lots of current. I tried a Bel Canto integrated and the bass became very loose. The soundstage is wonderful and you feel like you are listening to live music. They can be a touch bright at times but I am sure it's due to equipment specially cables. I have thought about selling them at times but they are SOOOO beautiful to look at that I can not get rid of them. Also very small footprint and not imposing at all.
I own a pair as well. Have driven with both Pass 0s and
Bell Canto 30s. I agree that SS brings out better bass but
the 845 SET provides better imaging and realism.

Have tried many speakers that retailed for more than the Paragons, none have imaged as well. Thiel 3.6's come close but are harder to drive.
Pivetta, FWIW I've got the Jubilee/Gems and do they sound great with large PP tube amps! Off the 4ohm taps I'd bet you'd be in hog heaven - I have the same mid-range and tweeter and mine are not "bright" in any sense. Revealing yes! Smooth Yes! Just something for you to think about.