Paradigm X30 crossover problem??

I dont know if this has happened to anyone else with their X30, but I have noticed that for the last couple of days, I was getting a heavy rumbling sound from my speakers every once in a while. Its not a constant thing, and it sounds like low frequency feedback of somesort.

My setup is this: M-Audio Audiophile 2496 soundcard -> Hafler DH100 preamp -> Into a Paradigm X30 crossover which splits the signal to a sub and an amp driving some bookshelf speakers. The amp is set on the 80Hz 'pot' on the X30.

In trouble shooting, I discovered that the problem of the noise came from the X30, specifically at the 80Hz pot. At the 50 Hz and 120Hz pot I dont hear any sort of feedback noise, but at the 80Hz pot, it is quite prevelant.

Can there be a workaround for this? The 80Hz pot is the pot I want to use as the bookshelf speakers are small so that 50 Hz may trouble them, but 80Hz and up should be fine.

I was wondering if by putting RCA caps on the other pots or an interconnect joining the left and right channels of the othe pots, acting like a jumper, could make a difference or if it would damage the X30.

Any help would be much appreciated.

If these are the Mission speakers you have listed in your system...I would use the 120hz high pass outputs. The Paradigm will not sharply cut off signals below 80hz so a good amount of low freq is still going to your Missions.

I found this regarding the Missions: Each m30i features a 3.93-inch DiaDrive bass unit.

The 80hz setting would be better used with larger bookshelf speakers that have strong output to at least 60hz.

Thanks for the response.

Yes it will be for the Missions. I would have preferred the 80Hz mark so to use less output from the sub and probably slightly better integration, but you have a good point.

The cut off points are sharp enough though. I experimented once using my NHT ST4s on the 50 Hz setting and was surprised as to how much low end information was lost just for general listening. And I dont think I listen to music with much under 40 Hz.

But the 120 Hz setting should be fine. I still have the problem of the feedback though. And I would love to get rid of it big time, just in case. Its like I can only use two thirds of the potential of the X30!