Paradigm vs. Velodyne

For all round (music and home theater) applications, would you choose the Paradigm Refrence Servo Sub or the Velodyne HGS-18?
I'd rather have two used HGS-15's. That would be better in every way than a single 18.
The Velodyne is superior in every way, but it should be. It costs more than twice as much. The velodyne is more accurate, and goes deeper with a higher SPL, especially good for home theatre. Two HGS 15 is overkill in all but the largest rooms and would cost more still, if that matters to you. Good luck. They're not too easy to find used either. (I've been looking) Happy listening! Shayne.
Only overkill if you succomb to temptation and turn them up a little too much. That's never been a problem for me since discovering the high end. With two, in room bass response can be smoothed infinitely. Also, two would cost less if they were USED, and by the time I can afford them there should be several on the used market, so I'm good to go, and will enjoy my Sunfire until then.
Smoothed infinitely? Only if you have a 1/3 octave RTA to make such fine measurements, and even then unless the room is huge, it would be tricky. By the way, 2 subs only nets you about 6db more SPL than one sub, not a large amount, especially considering what one of those things will do. Not to mention the extra wiring and room needed. This was not a personal attack on your opinion Carl_eber, so put on some tunes and relax. Have a good day, guys. Shayne.
paradigm is a good sub,but velodyne is a great sub.the 15's would be faster,but the 18 has more presence.i prefer the older velodyne uld-15 for every application[especially music]with a separate amp and servo control it dominates in my opinion.i have 2 of these in a 22x26 room and when a low cycle wave[17hz] hits you, your stomach is like jello. they don't make these anymore,but always see them on the net 500.00-800.00 for the uld-15 series 11-the 18 is good but not nearly as fast.a good test is the movie the professional in the beginning[in the hotel scene]there's a 16 cycle wave that'll make an ass out of most subs but the velodyne12's and 15's[most others will start ratteling]good luck