Paradigm vs Dali vs PMC

Hi I posted a thread earlier. I have narrowed down my choices to the following and wondered if anyone had any tips or experience with either. Its for a room about 17 x 17, with a Simaudio 100W I-3 amp (considered tonally neutral)....the list is

(1) PMC FB1i (a recent update on FB1+), new soft dome tweeter
(2) Paradigm S4 V2 (anyone know if the Beryllium tweeter is hard/harsh)?
(3) Dali Mentor 6 with the ribbon tweeter

I have listened to the Mentor but a bit concerned the lower midrange/upper bass is a bit lean sounding. I only heard the Paradigm through a Yamaha AV amp which may be tuned to be bright? Going to audition the PMC on Monday.

Thanks for your help
Well then the FB1+ will probably knock your socks off withits bass response.

For pure accuracy and ease of placement the Paradigm are probably the best choice - they have an extremely even response. You can see they have a waveguide on the tweeter so they match the limited dispersion of the all too large midrange driver to get as even response as possible. The more rigid drivers in the Pardigm will give a bit of out of band ringing or sheen to the music - you need to decide if you can live with that.

I won't commment on the Dali - I am not a fan of ribbon tweeters - they often tend to have distortion low down in their frequency range - although extremely expensive ribbons in teh best speakers can be exceptionally good (but why pay $200 for a ribbon tweeter that a $29 soft dome vifa can compete with in a mid level design)
Do you have an opportunity to listen to the vandersteen 2ce signature II or the 1c? These are probably the best value in speakers.also, the new signature II has supposedly gotten rid of the recessed highs that characterized the previous version.try these at a good dealer and it is hard to spend money on anything else in their price range.
In response...

There is a new FB1i - supposedly am upgraded tweeter and crossover. Although from what I have read the OB1i, which is about 40% more expensive, is a great unit as it has a separate midrange and bass driver, but bass could be overpowering for my room. Although the transmission line design effectively has forward firing bass through the front of the speaker...

Can't get a hold of vandersteen - would have to travel interstate....

With regard to Dali, they have dual tweeter - soft dome for the lower high's and ribbon for the range above that, SO perhaps that solves the distortion issue. However I still thought the low-midband was lacking fullness.

With Paradigm, does the signature series have the more rigid drivers? (the Beryllyium?)
I have owned FB1, extensively auditioned OB1, and now own IB2.
I have auditioned some speakers from Paradigm and Dali lineup.
Considering that I speak from my preferences perspective, simply put I do not like Paradigm, would consider Dali, with OB1 being the top choice from your list.
OB1 does not have tremendous bass despite TL design and advertised specs, after all the size of LF driver is determining factor.
I do not believe OB1 would be capable of filling up large room, thus the likelihood of overpowering your room is low.
And as always, auditioning is the best approach.
Anyone had experience with Legacy Signature 3?
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I live in Australia. No PSB here yet!!! Perhaps in a few months but am I prepared to wait that long...
Hey all..i have owned the paradigms..currently run dali hellicon 400 mk2's...the dual tweeter is simply stunning..the depth of vocals is fantastic...bass is about filling a room with music..for me..the paradigms could not match this overall sound..but definately in the ball park.....have never heard the pmc though...just my 2 cents
With regard to Dali, they have dual tweeter - soft dome for the lower high's and ribbon for the range above that, SO perhaps that solves the distortion issue.

It most certainly would - it might explain why they went with that design approach.
I can get an ex-demo Helicon 400 for $300 more than the Mentor 6, however the low mid-range is a bit chesty (see the Stereophile review of the new MKII which compares it to the old) and there is bass bloom...not a big gripe I suppose.

Which exact Paradigm did you own? Was it Signature Series 2?

yes, it was the sig 2..which are owned now by a hear them often..peronally, but not professionally, i cant see that there would be this huge difference between mk1 and 2....i had a martin logan 'depth i' sub i was running with my rig...since getting the dali's..i have removed it..bass is tight and powerful..but as u know..this is all personal taste..for 300 more..personally, the mk1 would be a no brainer for me..just on aesthetics alone i'd go the mk1..they are gorgeous showpieces and exude taste and ive given u my 3 cents....i should tell u i enjoy my sound a bit mellow and laid dali is perfect for me..silky tones...the paradigms were great too..for sure..but for me..a touch shrill and forward..for my tastes though...hope this helps, Dan
not a big gripe I suppose

If you look at the plot the woofer breakup is only 10 db down...this should have been eq'd out more aggressively. I would be very wary of looks as if it will be audible. I haven't heard them so I can't say for sure but you really should audition them for yourself.

Midrange is critical in a speaker.
Does anyone have any idea of how the Paradigm Signature compares to the PSB Synchrony?

Acdvd...sorry..was on vacation for a telling u..audition the hellicons..i have owned the paradigms..i have heard martin logan summits..more spkers than i care to mention....i have read pple posting graphs, charts, breakfast menus, lunch diets..on what to buy and what not to buy.....means nothing...auditioning is the posts from hellicon owners..there is a reason they write with such passion..i actually didnt like my hellicons when i first got them..then i changed my need to really try to audition your choices
Gotta agree with Dan001.
I have both Paradigms studios 20s, c-570 center, adp 470s, servo-15 sub and Dali Helicons 400s, 800s and 200 in a 20 x 35ft room. Like paradigms and almost bought the new sig 6s but at the last minute got dalis here and on ebay and could not be happier.
Paradigms are a bit shrill in comparison with the dalis ribbons. Very clear when comparing center channels, the dali 200 center has the same drivers as the 400s. Great mids, softer highs.
A friend has good synergy with paradigm sig 4 and plinius 9200. And Dan is again right when mentioning amp makes a difference. With my Denon 5803avr an cj met1-pre, I preferred the 400s with paradim sub over the 800s. Now with Conrad Johnson met-150 amp the 800s sound much better,much more depth and bass, handles the room. Leaves me content with 2 channel over multi. Dali 400s are easy to drive and have very musical mids and highs, even better with a sub.
Andrew I'll bet your Sim could sound great with either speakers by adding a nice tube preamp, I like the cj hybrid.
Do you have the Mark I or Mark II helicon 400's?
Do you find midbass bloom and chestiness in vocals as per some reviews I have read?
What size room do you use it in?
I have the Mark I 400s. and Yes I think the 400's sound really great with vocals, strings that kinda of range. Probably due to the extra mid driver. The 800s, with more power, have a fuller range.
My room is 20 x ~35 x 8,hardwood floors, reflective, needs treatments. Addition I can't quite finish. But despite the room the speakers sound like a dream, soothing presentation.
Very happy the mark I's, suppose the mark IIs may have faster crossovers, but the imaging with these are amazing and forgiving with poor placement