Paradigm vs. Boston Acoutics

I am considering a Paradigm Studio 80 or Boston Acoustics VR-M 80

Another option is Paradigm Monitor 11 or Bostom Acoustics VR975

Which system is better and which brand of speaker is better? Your expert opinions please.
I personally have sold both brands on a retail level. I never personally cared for the warm/modestly detailed Paradigms(the Servo 15 is a winner though). And I was never interested in owning any of the Paradigms myself, except maybe the Servo 15(the Ref 450 monitors are HT speakers were ok). I'm sure most Canadians would differ however.
If I did stay with Canadian Brands, I guess the PSB Stratus Silvers were the closest to a high-end sounding speaker with good dynamics!
The "powered towers" that Boston Makes on the other hand, are often a bit bright and "cool sounding" with a lot of solid state gear (like the Def Tech's). They really need warms and a forgiving top end to balance the sound. However, in my experience, using a tube amp or integrated to drive some of the powered towers Boston makes is going to sound very good potentially! Infact, several years back(check the archieves), HT magazine had 3 editors tryinig to see who could put together the best HT/music system for under $3k retail! The guy who won used the $1k/pr boston Powered towers driven by a Jolida SJ202a tube integrated!!!
The other guy's thought that was cheating. But he used a receiver/pre-pro for movies, and looped it into the Jolida. For music, the Jolida dirrectly drove the speakers. This balance is very good for the money!
I would suppose doing something like this would sound great with the VR750's! The bass is powered by it's own amp, so you can use a better sounding amp with less power for mids/high's. In this case, tubes is unbeatable for that application with the Bostons!
Depending on equipment, you might be better off with the Paradigms. However, the Praadigm Studio 80's are more open sounding, more laid back(not an asset with movies), and less focused if not set up right in the wrong acoustical environement! The Boston's are DiAppolito configured, and they will immage better with more intelligability, speed and impact throughout the midrange and trebble! Focus is better there too if room isn't so forgiving.
The Boston's inherently are potentially more effective HT speakers, and definitely with the powered subs suilt in! Playing em "full range" for HT(and music, like rock/techno) will be more authoritative and effective than the Paradigms passive speakers!
What gear are you using?
Hope this helps.
Thanks for your advice… it sounds really interesting and gave me a total new perspective. I was almost sold on the Paradigm Studio 80’s before I read your post. Just to give you a better idea of my situation:

1) I am building a new system from scratch so everything will be new.
2) The room size is approximately 18 ft x 9 ft. with good soundproofing
3) HT and music usage is 70:30
4) Music preference - jazz, classical, pop (not too much into rock and heavy stuff)
5) I live in the Philippines so the not so popular brands might be difficult to find here.

Now on to my ideal system:
1) Main Speakers – Paradigm Studio 80’s or Monitor 11 or Boston Acoustics VR-M or VR965
2) Center Speakers – Paradigm Studio CC or Boston VR 920
3) Surround – Paradigm Studio ADP or Boston VR 940 or VRMX
4) Subwoofer – Paradigm Servo 15 or Boston VR M-50
5) Receiver/Pre-amp – Denon 4802R or Rotel RSP 1066 (if I get the Denon I might try to save up first and get a better amp later)
6) Amp – Rotel RMB 1075

I am just a neo-audiophile so I am still learning but I hope that I can get a fairly okay system at around $7500 for the speakers, amp and pre. I do know that it is important that the speakers, pre and amps match. Does my system match?

Any suggestions???
Advice to a neo-audiophile: expand your search. There are hundreds of brands of speakers out there, don't leave these 2 companies as the only ones visible down the tunnel. Open the phonebook, find every audio dealer within an hour or 2 drive and spend the next few weekends figuring out what sounds best to your ears.
Paradigm. No question.

I have heard both and I must say the Paradigms are a better theater speaker and a MUCH better music speaker. I auditioned many speakers in this price range and ended up with the Studio 60's. If I were you I would consider getting the 60's as well. Since you are getting a subwoofer chances are you won't need the extra 5hz that the 80's offer. I use 60's in a room about 28x15 and absolutely love the soundstage.
You can also save some cash by getting the PW2200 sub. The Servo 15 is a top rated sub but I don't feel it is $500 better than the PW2200 (in fact, I don't feel it is $300 better).

In the end, audition both and get what you feel sounds better. Sound is 99% personal preference.

If it has to be one of these two companies, I second Paradigm as the clear winner. A friend of mine has some Bostons that cost a few hundred that sound really bad. As a matter of fact, I am convincing him to get some Studio 40s instead. The Paradigm Studio speakers are absolutely fantastic to my ears, even when compared to speakers twice (or more) their price. The 80s and 100.2s are the most remarkable. Good luck - Arthur
The only reason I didn't get 40's is because the price of speaker stands would push the price to the point where I might as well get floorstanders. That coupled with the fact that I have 6 cats who like to jump on furniture (ie: speakers) which dictates heavy speakers.

Thanks for the suggestions. Paradigm 60 is also a 2-1/2 way speaker right? I measured the room incorrectly, it is 16 x 20 ft but I don’t think it will make a big difference. May I know what system you guys use to power your speakers. Right now I am thinking of getting either a Denon 4802 AVR, temporarily use it as my main amp and later on get an affordable amp to power the front speakers OR get a Rotel processor and amp.

What other speakers are there in the Paradigm 80 price range so that I can audition them too : )

BTW - are the Boston VR765 two way or three way speakers. They are advertising that you dont need a separate sub if you get em.
As far as affordability goes, I would do exactly what you are planning (I did the same thing as well).

I originally had an Onkyo/Integra reciever. I then went to a B&K Ref 20 pre/pro and a NAD 5 channel amp. And most recently I obtained a VERY nice Odyssey Stratos 2 channel amp for the mains and now use the NAD amp to power my center and rears. This setup works killer. My stereo music is now the best I've heard and the movies are even better than ever.

No matter what, I would get a sub if I were you. I don't know of many main speakers that can go below 20hz. It also takes a big load off of your amp and speakers if you get a powered sub for the LFE signal.