Paradigm Upgrades Please Help

Hello all SO Now I have a pair of Mini Monitors L&R- CC-350 ,Cinimas in the rear ,& a PDR8 with a denon 3805. The WIFE told me she does NOT like the wall unit towers ( that the Monitors sit on the shelfs) so This was my in to say IF we get rid of the wall unit where will we put the L&R speakers ( not giving her the ida we could get stands) SO NOW is my chance to upgrade to a nice pair of floor full range speakers. I was thinking about looking into the Monitor 90P & dump the PDR 8 also . any thoughts ?? I would love to get the Signature S8 But I do not have that kind of $$$$$$ I may be able to swing a pair of Studio 100 But I think the Monitor 90P Might be a better choice IF I also dump the sub.
Thoughts ??

Well I took a walk@ lunch today to have a listen to some speakers .They did not have the Monitor 90P so I hade a listen to the Monitor 11s. I thought they hade great punch with out a sub ( I listened to SRV Tin Pan Ally & Screamin Cheata Wheelies ) I love bluesy rock! Than I hade a listen to the same tracks on the stuido 60s , I thought it sounded cleaner brighter but NOT as much punch as the M 11s . Like I said I now have MM & a PDR8 sub but If I upgrade I would like to lose the sub. My room is 14 Ft wide & 30 ft long but half is dinning room so I sit about 12 ft from speakers .The foks @ the store said my 3805 would not be enough to drive the stuido 100s With all of that said - room size music I love & reciever what towers would you suggest ?
If you have the funds you could get the 100's and a separate 2 channel amp to drive them and use the 3805 as the pre. I would look at rotel, adcom, etc for the 2 channel amp.

What is your ratio of 2 channel music vs HT?
Do you want to stay with paradigm or is another brand an option?
What is your total budget for the project?
I only have about $1000 to play with .
I would say its almost 50/50 Music Vs HT
I do like paradigm & hace a CC -350 so I would like to keep the center mached with fronts .
The 3805 will most definitely drive the 100s to quite satisfactory levels. If you get the 100s, a sub becomes redundant, they go low enough for most anyone. Then, snag some Studio 20s for the rears and you'll be jammin' like a big dog.

I have a pair of Studio 80s V2 and love 'em - there's a set on the 'Gon right now for $875. I also have a CC-350 and it works well with them. In addition, a nice set of 100s are here for $1175...

Good luck!

Given your budget I would go with the 90P option. I disagree with RW on the 3805 being able to drive the 100's. I use to own Studio 40's and drove them with a yamaha receiver with the same power rating as the 3805. The Yamaha couldn't control the drivers like a good quaility separate amp could even though they are a efficent speaker. It doesn't really matter though because I don't think you can find a pair of 100's for 1000.

Good Luck,

Try to get a decent tube amp integrated with more than 100 watts and get a pr of paradigm signature s2, this are incredible loudspeakers, to dye for
Maybe check out the KEF Q700 or Q900. KEF direct has them on sale now.
Whoa patsuh, this thread is actually 11 years old!  S2's are nice, however.
Im sure the op will still be undecided . He will be notified by email there is life to his thread . He will probably wonder what the heck is going on . LOL