Paradigm Tweeter dome replacement?

Does anyone have any knowledge about properly replacing the tweeter dome on a Paradigm studio series speaker (v.3)?


It seems you would simply replace the tweeter in its entirety - order one from Paradigm. once it arrives, get out your screwdriver and have at it...

You can do either but the replacement dome is cheaper, so that's what Paradigm will send you under warrantee.

The best way to replace the dome is to remove the entire tweeter so that you can work with it placed horizontally on the work surface. Replacing it in situ is difficult.

I've replaced several sets of tweeter domes, using manufacturer furnished replacment domes. In particular my Paradigm Monitor 9's v4.
Be sure you specify your version number or else you will receive a generic looking replacment dome.
Also remove the tweeter entirely from the cabinet. Lay it face up on the work table. Remove the star head screws evenly, a little at a time. Remove faceplate, dome fixture should then be exposed. Note its position. then lift this off. Clean all surfaces. When installing new dome w/fixture, rotate it several times 360 dgrees to distribute the ferrofluid, ending at its original position.
Softly press downwards to seat the fixture in its alignment posts. reinstall the face plate tighten the screws a little at a time evenly around the faceplate, DO NOT TORQUE, tighten to a snug tightness.
When reinstalling in the cabinet, original holes in the wood baffle may have been stripped. If so, buy longer screws 1/4 inch should be enough. Be sure to replace the wires on the original (correct) terminals.
Your finished, enjoy