Paradigm Tribute 30th Anniversary Speakers

Hi All -

I am the very fortunate owner of a pair of Paradigm Tribute 30th Anniversary speakers - they are at our property in California. I love them. Just beautiful. 

I recently purchased a second pair (for our home in Florida) a few weeks ago via eBay in Germany. The speakers were listed with "make an offer" on eBay. I made an offer and we agreed on the price. The final price was just about right for what they are.

I have eagerly been awaiting the arrival of these speakers for the last two weeks as they shipped from Germany to the US.

Unfortunately, their are two big problems:

1. The speakers are missing parts (plinths) and were damaged (snapped terminals), perhaps in shipping.

2. More significantly: All serial numbers I can find have been removed from the speakers. They were shipped in original Paradigm boxes, but the serial numbers were removed from both the boxes and from the backs of the speakers.

So in short, their is a good chance they were stolen.

I believe only 200 pairs of these speakers were made. I know it's remote, but I thought I'd ask - does anyone know of a pair of stolen Tributes in Europe? I am filing police reports in the US and Germany, and would like to get these back to the rightful owner if at all possible.



That's quite a unfortunate story but is nice to hear you are doing the right thing.

Best of luck to you,
It's also conceivable that the original distributor or retailer removed the serial numbers to veil resale to an unauthorized retailer or to a buyer located outside its geographic restriction.