paradigm titans and which stand?

looking for advice on matching my recently bought titans with an affordable set of speaker stands. $100 and under please (way under would be cool!) i'll be using them in home theatre set-up with paradigm cc-70 in between them. my living room is about 12x19 and am not looking to blow out any windows. have given some thought to buying paradigm atoms for the fronts instead of titans. new to this surround scene and have been doing it slow and on the cheap, thanks for your input!

IMO, the titan is a great speaker for the money.

Good luck,
thanks for the link, i'll check 'em out.
Those Parts Express stands should work very well. I have my Titans on 28-inch single-pillar Atlantis stands. The Atlantis cost a bit less but judging from the picture are probably less rigid. The 28-inch height was because my couch was high. Moral: buy the right height for your listening position.

I have the Titans in my bedroom now with an HK930 receiver and I think they are quite good for their class. I hope to replace them with a pair of North Creek kit monitors one day.
thanks for the heighth advice. i was measuring my ear altitude tonight and think 24" might be too low.