Paradigm Titan v3

I have a pair of these speakers. Years ago I damaged the tweeters. I now find myself needing a small bookshelf speaker and pulled these out of the closet. I reached out to Paradigm and they connected me with a local dealer who has given me a quote to fix both tweeters for $120 installed. They will install 2 new tweeters. My question is whether it is worth the money to fix them given how old the speakers are. They didn't get much use because I blew them not too long after buying them. However I recall that I probably did not pay much more than $200 to $300 max for them when new. So, what do you think? Am I better off just buying a new pair of speakers like the Energy CB-10s for about $95 more or will the speakers work just fine for many years to come after being repaired? I welcome any and all thoughts including those that want to tell me I am an idiot for posing the question in the first place.
I would go with the Andrew Jones Pioneer 22 series, probably available for less money...
+1 for the Pioneers (SP-BS22LR can be found on sale for around $90 or less) or even better the new Andrew Jones designed ELAC B5 ($230/pr) or the B6 ($280/pr).
Not an idiot question at all. Here's what you need to ask yourself...before you blew them, how delighted were you with how they sounded? If you loved them, and miss their sound, then $120 isn't a bad expenditure to get them back. If you have no real attachment to them and the sound of those Titans isn't something you're trying to get back to, I'd put the $120 towards something else. Jl35's suggestion about the Andrew Jones Pioneer Series 22 is a good one. Likewise, Jones' new Elac speakers in the $200-300 range may end up being a good way to go if you can add the extra $100+.
They say speakers drivers age, but I have a pair of 18yo DM302s that sound good. If it were me, I would fix the tweeter. I have heard the Titan. It is a good speaker and I personally don't like throwing stuff out that be fixed easily. The opportunity cost of $120 isn't much, and they could be sold later.
Thanks for the suggestions. I gave some thought to the idea of going with the Pioneers as a couple have suggested. And I considered the sound of the Paradigms as well as their original cost. I like the way they sounded and think they would serve their purpose which is to replace two blown front Cambridge Soundworks front satellites in a HT system. That will likely be temporary until I splurge on a new complete HT system. And when that happens, they would be nice to give my son who is getting into music. I also thinnk they were about $200 when I bought them. That said, I'm gonna fix em. Thanks for you thoughts.
I recently acquired a pair of Titan v3.  There is a reason why the Titan put Paradigm on the map.   The sound is very good, and they hit harder and lower than the Pioneers.  One thing.  You've now mentioned two pairs of speakers you own that are blown.   I would suggest not over driving the Titans, they are rated for 60 watts maximum input power.  
You may have already decided to fix your old speakers, however, if you haven’t I want to second the advice for the new Elac B5. I read about them in TAS this month and thought for $230 what’s to lose. I just received them today and am using them on my large desk. They are connected to my Mac Book Pro via a Audioquest coffee USB cable into my NAD 390DD and I am streaming Tidal. They definitely need time to break in as I have always heard bookshelves require more time than floor standers (myth, who knows?). Anyway, I have to admit they sound pretty damn good right out of the box. They have a very full sound, especially for their size and they image well even though they are not in a good listening position by traditional standards. The bass is ridiculously tight and generous for a small speaker. Anyway, I just searched for these speakers in the forums to see if anyone else had any experience and found this post so I thought I would share my feedback.