Paradigm Studio vs Prestige

I had purchased the studio 100 v5 speakers and was looking to replace my current center with the matching 690 this past few weeks. Unfortunately I had not know that the line was being replaced.

I am now looking at some different possibilities rather than buying the center new.

If anyone is familiar with the speakers can you comment?
1. I know the c55 is not "matched" to the studio but are they close enough to compliment the towers I have?
2. Is the line compelling enough to just switch to the 95f for my towers?
3. Is the line just aesthetic and best choice is to look for the matching center used?
I work for a Paradigm dealer, and the new Prestige series is a dramatic improvement over the older Studio Series.

The Prestige offer a much higher degree of resolution, the F95 have thunderous bass and the sound stage is much wider.

If you can do a set of Prestige then I would move up to both the Prestige with the matching center.
Why not just buy a used 690, they're certainly easy enough to find...
RI > My local supplier indicated that literally there were only two available from Paradigm and both black. I had thought you could only buy from an "authorized" brick/mortar store.

Audio> Yes, I was only really prepared to purchase the center. I can possibly do the upgrade, but it is more of a hassle to sell the towers I already like. Does the new center match at all? Maybe later I upgrade the towers.
Audiotroy - Have you had a chance to compare the new Prestige series to the Signature Series?