paradigm studio v5 to v2

I have studio 60v2,anybody get v5's yet in 60 or 100,what will i hear as nearest dealer 2 hours away. Would my bryston b100sst amp be enough for 100's,it's plenty on 60v2's but sometime clipping light pop's up for split second. I love my 60v2's and feel the bryston would be more comfortable with the 60's. How do new 60v5's sound?
You didn't mention a subwoofer. If I had your system, that would be my next move. Pick up a good 12" subwoofer (like many of the SVS subs) and high-pass the 60s. That'll give you more bass, cleaner bass, better dynamics and take a load off the B100.
Thanks,Bob,I just bought the v560's and have sub hookedup preamp out of bryston to the low level input on sub.If I hookup the high pass out to preamp in on bryston will it alter sound quality to main 60's? I just got them and breaking them in,thanks.
Hi Playpen, my experience has been an improvement in sound quality, but it's possible that the high-pass filter could be so poor to be detrimental. Only one way to know, try it. What sub do you have?
Paradigm PS1000,I was told better suited for movies than music. I like the bass with new 60v5's. The bryston pushes new paradigms very well,plenty of power,still breaking them in.
Glad you like the new speakers. Depending on the size of your room and how loud you listen, I think a higher end sub would be a good upgrade down the road.