Paradigm Studio Speakers with tubed gear? Anyone?

Has anyone heard any of the Paradigm Speakers with tubed gear? If so,,,,,,,,,what were your impressions?
There are few posts already on this. I looked into it too for my 100.2s but decided I needed more slam than I could get from the tube amps I could afford (i.e. less powerful ones). The only tube amp I auditioned that could give the 100s the power they need was the McIntosh MC2102 and it did sound incredible. Otherwise, good SS is my clear choice for the moment.
Aball is will probably need some powerful tubes for Studio 100..there are lots of guys using the Studio 100 with tubes..have a check the history or archieves..the only problem would be the cost of powerful tubes for you..
I have listened to the 100's with a Cary 308 cdp and Cary v12.The sound was outstanding!This is one tube amp that has some balls. Soundstage was open and clean.I thought I was sitting in the audience when the claps started after the performances.You could hear the ambience of the music hall and the echoes off the walls as people shouted in the audience. Bass was as tight as I have ever heard out of the Paradigm 100s.I was very impressed by the performance they displayed.I listen to perfomances not just music.The funny thing is am not a diehard fan of the paradigms.But I will give them credit they really kicked ass with this gear!
Well, Meech at least you gave me yet one more set of speakers to check out as I already have the mcIntosh 2102. sorry, i couldn't help you as much as you helped me.....