Paradigm Studio S-40 vs. Totem MANI-2

Hi Guys,
What is your opinion. Which one is better?
Mani-2 is more expensive but is it better? Paradigms sound great!
My amplification is Bryston 3B NRB.
The Totem Mani-2, by a wide margin, and the Paradigm is a fine speaker. The Paradigm is easier to drive but if your
amp has plenty of power the Totems lower efficiency won't
be an issue. As for the price gap between them, I sold mines
here for $2k, condition was 9/10, that just a few hundred more than a new pair of Paradigm.
I currently have both speakers and am in the process of deciding which ones to keep. My system consists of a Mark Levinson 27.5 amp, Anthem TLP-1 pre-amp, Denon DVD-900 CD/DVD player, and Monster M-Series biwires. Your mileage may vary but here's what I hear:

+ better and deeper bass,
+ less colored midrange,
+ superior imaging - the speakers can "disappear" like electrostatics do,
+ smaller,
- harsh and over emphasized highs / sibilance,
- power hungry and inefficient (4ohm, 85dB) - they need a strong, high current amp.

Paradigm Studio 40s:
+ smoother more natural highs
+ very efficient and easy to drive (8ohm, 91dB), should work well with tube amps
+ less expensive
- midrange sounds less natural - a bit glassy at times.

Both are fine speakers. Both are very detailed and will reveal small changes in your system, so the accompanying equipment needs to sound extra good. Both play deeper than their size would have you expect (especially the Mani-2s). Both seem very well constructed and I think they are both very nice looking. Interestingly the Mani-2 "walnut" finish looks identical to the 40's "rosenut" finish.
Buy the Green Mountain Audio Europa's. They smoke the BIG Paradigms........and DESTROY the studio 40's. Cost hundreds less too. Find GMA in the list of Manufacturers here.