Paradigm Studio Reference Tweeter Replacement

Does anyone know of a suitable replacenent tweeter for Paradigm Studio Reference series versions 1 and 2? On Audiokarma the Vifa 25AG35 was mentioned, but that tweeter is no longer in production. Paradigm no longer produces the original tweeters and wants a small fortune for a replacement. The speaker is an LCR-450a, but the tweeters on all Studio versions 1 and 2 look the same to me. Should this also be posted in Tech Talk?
I have a spare v2 tweeter in my closet. If you are interested in it, I will pull it out and test it. Contact me privately to follow up.

Paradigm is an API company. I would try them directly. There's a very good chance you may be able to get the tweeter from them.
Tweeters for the studio v5are $75 from paradigm direct...