Paradigm Studio or PSB Stratus?

I have auditioned the Studio 60 and the Stratus Bronze at two different dealers,under very different listening conditions, they seem very similar. I can't make up my mind which to bring home to audition. I presently own Paradigm 7SE Mk III's powered by B&K ST140 Amp and B&K Pro10MCpreamp. Sources include a Rotel RB900 table iwth Benz Micro Silver cartridge and a Nakamichi MB2S changer with a Audio Alchemy UltraDac. I listen mostly to jazz with a little of rock and world beat thrown in. Thanks in advance for any advice.
Hi. I can't comment on the PSBs. But I've owned a pair of Paradigm Studio 60s for almost a year. I use a Golden Tube SE-40 to drive them. I think it's one of the best systems in it's price range I've heard. The sound stage is real deep and natural. I also used a large Carver solid state amp with them for awhile. It didn't sound as good an the Golden Tube but it was more dynamic. The bass was suprisingly deep and tight with the big amp. Good luck Matt
Was in the almost the same situation deciding between psb stratus gold and paradigm studio 100. After a few weeks of listening and reading the reviews I decided on the psb speakers because I found the sound stage wider, tonal balance more realistic and accurate, and the mid range on the psb to be superior. The paradigms had and edge in the base but ever so slightly.
Hi, I've just finished breaking in my new Golds. I can not comment on the 100's but the Golds have actually surpassed my expectations by far. As with any piece of equipment details and careful setup provides high rewards to the patient one. A couple of 'phile friends have been surprised by the current reproduction I'm getting out of them using known tracks is far better than what they obtain in their higher cost systems. My system is Pioneer 606D DVD, B&K AV 5000II amp, Marantz AV-550 preamp.And patience and tweaks. My experience allows me to tell you to consider this speakers as a very high performance/cost investment. Happy listening
Hi... I own Stratus Golds powered by B&K5000 seires II...the sound quality is superb...Im using Sony DVD 7700 as source material..mid range purity is unsurpassed...solid bass.......excellent combo with a Velodyne FSR 15 I can resonate pictures off the wall.........Straus are superb....
My advice to you is to see if the store you're buying them from will let you take them home to demo. Then trust your ears and if you have one, your wifes ears. It is all going to boil down to you and your ears. They are both nice speakers so all that's left is what you like. Later....
PSB by far! I have owned the PSB silvers then the Goldi's. These speakers are nothing short of awsome and will recommend them wholeheartedly to anyone who are interested. These speakers are very accurate and uncoloured. Imaging, soundstage, bass and the midrange are absolutely beautiful. You can pay more buying other speakers and can actually get less. These are honest sounding speakers. Highly recommended!