Paradigm Studio 60 vs. PSB stratus silver i

I am about to upgrade my 11-year-old PSB 500 speakers to provide (hopefully) more refined treble, better imaging and tighter bass. I am looking for opinions on two the models above. Because of the limited number of audio shops in my area, it is difficult for me to find speakers to audition. My room size is 16' x 20' and fronts of the speakers can be 30" max from back wall. I listen to jazz music primarily. The rest of my gear has been upgraded within the last year:
NAD C370 integrated amp (120W, high current)
Marantz st6000 tuner
Sony CDP-CA70ES CD changer
Van den Hul D-102 III hybrid interconects
Kimber 4pr cables

One concern I have is whether my amp will have enough power to drive these speakers. Thanks for your help.
Hello 9hcp,
I'm currently running the 60v2's using a 10 year old NAD7100 receiver at 50wpc. At 50wpc the speakers do at times seem to want more juice and I have been told that they would in fact do better with more "clean" power. If your going to feed them 120wpc you should be pretty happy with them. I sure have been happy with mine so far. One thing to beware of with the Paradigms, they will not sound great right out of the box. These take time, lots of time, 3 months of normal listening should do it. They will start to sound better after about 100 hours and will continue to get better for awhile after that.
If your going for the new V3's you would be even happier I'd think.
Good luck and happy listening
I hate to mix things up...and I am familiar with both of the speakers you mentioned(I auditioned them as well)...but in the most direct terms...these are a lateral move at best in terms of the qualities you suggested...I would contact Roy at Green Mountain(look at manufacturer's list on this site) and discuss the Europas....I purchased these...and they have the most stable, 3-d, out-of-box imaging I have encountered...with a very smooth, extended treble...and sufficient bass...but what you are really gaining is the "liquid midrange" sound hi-end speakers bring...they retail for $900 and I havent heard anything above or below from a monitor...there are also Phasecorrect in design...but Roy will tell you more....also...I have an identical sized...with NAD power and a Sony source...I know what I am talking about! Good luck...other choices...
Vandersteen Model one...Meadowlark Swift...
Which ever spk. you decide to buy will sound a heck of alot different than your PSB 500's! These were a very warm/mellow sounding spk. If your associated equipment is neutral or a little on the lean side, you might be disappointed with the way things will sound at first w/your new spks. (Don't forget the break-in time as mentioned above.) You really need to audition in your room to see which works for you. If you listen to alot of jazz, I personally would look for a spk. w/ a soft dome tweeter. Your NAD should have no problem driving either of these spks.
Your amp is a powerhouse, and smooth to boot. So I don't think that either amount of power or type (sound) of power is an issue with either of these speakers. Pick the one that puts a smile on your face when you listen and forget about audiophile issues: follow your heart, as they used to say in the old days...
Thanks for the suggestions, everyone. Glad to hear the my new amp will be able to provide the required power. I agree that the PSB 500's are mellow. Sometimes too mellow, I think.