Paradigm Studio 60 vs. 80

I’m setting up a Paradigm Studio HT system and have been hearing/reading conflicting opinions on the Studio 60 and 80. Right now I am planning for a Studio 60 or 80 fronts, Studio center, Studio ADP side surrounds and future Studio ADP rear surrounds. My room size in 25’ x 20’ with a 9’ ceiling. Thinking of powering it using Rotel 1066/1075 pre + amp.

Question – should I go for the studio 60 or 80? Really like the 100 but its beyond my budget. Some say that the 80s are the blacksheep of the studio line plus its mid-range is different from the studio cc and ADP. I am seriously considering 80s since they only cost 300 more and are bigger speakers.

Any advice?
Personally I'd stick with the 60's. I think they are quite a bit better. I never cared for the 8" midrange the 80 had to offer. To me, the 60 just seems to be a more refined speaker.
Go listen to them and trust your own ears.

I owned the 60's for less than a year the whole time wishing I had paid the extra $$ for the 80's. I ended up trading the 60's in on the 80's, my dealer gave me a very good trade in allowance. I considered the 100's but actually preferred the 80's sound much more.

I have the 80's, the CC, and studio in-walls for surrounds run by a B&K amp. I absolutley LOVE the 80's. They sound so freakin great, but I am a fan of midrange afterall. my room is almost the same as yours but I have 8&1/2 foot ceilings. Also, if you can, spring for the real wood- they're gorgeous- even my wife loves them- she calls them pieces of furniture.

Well I have run the 60v2's for a year now and I'm very happy with them. They give back what you feed them. My room is 20'L x 15'W x 8'H powered by only by a 50w a side, 15 year old NAD receiver. They do take a LONG time to come around, but I've heard the same about the 80's as well. Hard to beat for money.
contradicting thoughts huh :)
Either speaker is a GREAT choice! Just go audition them and go with what your ears tell you!!!