paradigm studio 60 v2 or paradigm studio 60 v3?

Please help. I do not know if I should go with the v3 because I can get the v2's at a much lower price . Can someone please tell me if the v3 is far better than the v2.
i have the st60 v.2 and st40 v.3. the treble on the v.3 speakers is brighter sounding to me but may also be clearer. i liked the way the v.2 sounds better for music and i like the way the v.3 sounds better for dialog (movies and tv). i would have bought the v.2s as my second set of speakers as well, but the front porting on the v.3s made for a better choice since I needed to place the speakers near a wall. i think that you will be very happy with either versions (btw, i have never heard the 60 v.3s, only the 40 v.3s)
i recently bought the v2s over the v3s. i found the v2s to
be warmer with better mids then the v3s. the v3s
are definitely brighter, almost too bright. the other factor is weight. the v2s are approx 90lbs/each compared to the v3s 60lbs. that alone told me that paradigm has skimped on the new reference line. i got the rosenut wood
which looks just killer, a feature not available on the v3s
it may sound dumb but the v2s sound more "expensive" than the v3s. i am running a rotel 966 processor/ rotel 985 amp
with 2x120w to each v2, and let me tell you i am in love
with the bass response. the v2s just grunt out bass notes
with awsome clarity. for less money i feel i got a better
product. when i bought we listened to v2/v3 side by side
and everybody in the shop agreed that the v2s were better,
but listen for yourself, they are both great speakers.
The weight difference is only that big if you have the veneer vs. the laminate. The v.3 have a more open midrange and are far more detailed than the v.2. The satin anodized tweeter on the v.3 takes away the brightness from the v.2. I've sold Paradigm for many years and listening to them every day the v.3 are worth the extra money IMHO.
I agree with Matt zak, I changed my 100 V.2 to V.3, and can definetely attest to less brightness, better defined bass and much better midrange. IMHO the old V.2 bass , in addition to being less defined, was also overpowering mids and highs, giving subjective impression of less detail and resolution. I think that V.3 drivers array is much better integrated which results in, again, better clarity, resolution and definition. The bass is not in any sense less powerful, it is very first rate. I coud have gone into comparing Paradigms to a much more expensive speakers, but would rather refrain from doing so in anticipation of the usual A-gon slightly arrogant attitude towards the Paradigm "mid-fi"??? products.
One more note, though. I don't think that Paradigm designers were consciously creating the newest iteration of the Reference line speakers as an inferior by design product. Also, I would imagine, they were very well aware of the shortcomings of the V.2 series ( bright highs, "obscured" mids and powerful, but not best defined and articulate bass)