Paradigm Studio 60/100 v3 for music/HT

I wish to upgrade my current system with the focus primarily being music (rock, jazz, blues, classical) with the capability to do home theater. I currently have Studio 20's, a PS-1000 sub, CC-470, ADP-370's. The speakers are powered via a Marantz SR-6200 receiver. The room is approx 14x21 with 9-16 foot vaulted ceiling. The room opens to a stairway and kitchen/dining room/family room. There are some partitions between the rooms, but essentially, the entire first floor is open. Currently depending upon where you stand, the sound especially bass is highly variable. I am considering the Studio 100 or 60. I've listened to both at a store and enjoyed both, but I fear that the 60 may not be sufficient even for music without a sub. I realize the sub I have may not be the best for music. Any suggestions within reasonable prices? The music would be listened to in two channel, movies in DTS/surround sound. I have the opportunity to trade in the sub and 20's toward the 100's. Are the 100's by themselves fine for music and for the sound effects (explosions, etc) of home theater? That would free up floor space, which my wife would appreciate.

One final question: for bass management would the 100's or 60's be set "large" so only LFE (what Hz?) goes to the sub or should they be "small" so bass below approx 100 Hz be sent to the sub? The sub is connected via the receive sub line out.

I apologize for the long posting. Thanks in advance,

I've owned a pair of 60s V1 for many years. I do not know how low they are suppose to go. I think they're rated to go down to about mid 40s but I felt they go lower than that. They really pump out good bass so bass will always feel strong. But go with the 100s if you have the room and want more bass.

For HT effects, I would not do without a sub. It might be the fault of the receiver, but you won't get nearly the effects you're getting now even if you have megabux high end full range speakers. (Although perhaps if you have 5 of these it might be a different scenario). I just think that even a boomy rumble from your sub would make the movie experience more fun.

I always found it more enjoyable to set every speaker to small (THX recommendation). But try it out and see what you like. But for music, run your speakers full range.

Another option is to upgrade to the Servo 15 sub. That might be a better match for movies but maybe worse for music.
I own the 60's and have auditioned the 100's. I would start by saying that the 100 is not a better speaker than the 60. It's just more speaker. Let the size of your room dictate that choice. Your vaulted ceiling may justify the 100's. The V1 and V2 Studio 60's can get down to about 30hz, which is extremely good in their price range. I think the V3 specs have a higher roll-off; around 38hz. I don't find a sub to be essential with these speakers.
Set these speakers as "Large" for music. For HT, "Small" (if you have the flexibility to have a different setting for music vs. home theatre).