Paradigm Studio- 40s, 60s, or 100s

I have a room that is approximately 18x14, these will be powered with a Parasound 2205(200x5). I will be using a CC-570 down the road for the center. My main concern is the spacing, I will only have about 7' where these speakers will be straddling a Pioneer Elite 50" plasma. I really want the 100s but I think the 40s or 60s will be a better fit for my current set-up. I have a sunfire sub for LFE....
I would go with the 40's. I use to own a pair of 40'. I listened to both the 40' & 60's. Ended up with the 40's because they image better. And with the sub you won't miss much that you would have with the 100's.
i have a similar sized room...13x18... i ended up with the 40's and b&w 700 sub. To me the sound was oh so better than the 100s. I also went with the cc470. I found the cc570 to be alittle on the "large size" in both footprint and sound when matched with the 40's. Studio 20s in the back. I power this with a rotel 1075 (5x120). No regrets-
I will agree with the others that the 100 is not the best sounding, but I do like the 60's in my HT setup. I also use a sub. My room is 15x25x8.
100s for me. Went through most of the Studio line, wound up w/ the 100s up front (though still keep the 60s right there next to 'em to A/B every now & then), 20s in back. Just sounded better - fuller, richer, more naturally carbonated, whatever. And occasionally kick-a$$, when needed.

But that said, you should now ignore us and do your own A/B if you can. It's your money, your ears, and our hot air. YMMV.
I went with the 40's as well. I liked the imaging they provided. My Velodyne takes care of the lows.
I had the chance to listen to all 3 tonight, I have to say the 100s won me over. When you listen to all three, it's pretty obvious which one my ear wants. The speakers are all very similar in footprint and size(40s on applicable stands). My buddy(sales person as well) mentioned a good point, he said he thinks that the 470 is a better "vocal" center size it uses slightly Kevlar sections versus using the larger midbass woofer style drivers. He likes the 570 but said that they have had more success with the 470, this is one of the top paradigm dealers in the country, top 5 I believe he said..