Paradigm Studio 40 vs B&W 604 vs Kef Q7

I am auditioning at the moment Paradigm Studio 40's, B&W 604's and Kef Q7's. The Paradigm is being teamed up with a Yamaha YST-SW320 sub.

Any recommendations? Any comments? Bang for the buck, the Paradigm/Yamaha combo wins. The Studio 60's are not in the hunt and the rest are getting too exie (for me!). Room is 6x6 metres. Amp is a NAD C370

Cheers... John
why are the 60's not in the hunt? the 40"s plus good stands cost about the same as the 60's.
I agree with mboldda1
I was using Paradigm mini monitors on stands with a servo 15 sub. I have sence upgraded to 60V2's (still backed by servo 15, the 60's sit in the same foot print as the monitors with stands did. I fact my wife thinks the 60's take up less room (they don't, but it makes her happy to think so). Personally, I'd rethink the Yamaha sub, there are far better out there, save up and move up.
Good luck & enjoy no matter what.