Paradigm studio 40 v2 vs the Tyler accoustic Ref

I am looking to upgrade from my studio 40 v2's. Is the tyler reference monitor speaker a good or a great choice for an upgrade? I only listen in stereo , direct bypass mode from my jolida thru my C2 to my Halo A23 amps to the speakers. In this mod my sub is not used. Any suggestions. I have a old thread out there but still unsure.I listen to pearl jam to jazz to classic to jammy bands. Thanks Joe
While this is purely an observation on my part and nothing more... I have had several people who own that particular speaker model and others from Paradigm (but did not have your exact front-end) come to my house to audition my Tyler setup. Every one of them has gone forward with upgrading to Tylers. I can't comment on some of their after-purchase satisfaction, but those people I have kept in touch with do not regret the decision.

All of this said, everyone has their own set of preferences, and as a result of this I would urge you to find a willing Tyler owner (a list can be found by clicking on the "in-home audition" link on the Tyler homepage), and listen to their speakers in a normal home setup. Tyler pretty much has a "house sound," so if you can't find someone close that has exactly the model you are looking for, at least it will give you a good idea as to what you would be in for sound-wise generally.

As for myself, I have continually upgraded within the Tyler line (starting with the Taylos you seek (which I still have and use), and currently use the Linbrook System for my 2 channel listening). I constantly am on the lookout at shows, stores and peoples' homes for something I like better within a price range of up to double what I paid for the Tylers, but I keep on coming up short. I am still looking... :-)