Paradigm Studio 40 v.2 vs. v.3: sonic difference?

What is the sonic difference between the Paradigm Studio V.2 and V.3 model? I am looking to downsize my speakers (moving to a smaller place) and would like to possibly purchase some Studio 40's. I heard a pair yesterday and was really impressed (the V.3's). Unfortunately, they are more than I want to spend on a pair of monitors-I want to pick mine up used or demo, if possible. That means probably checking out the older V.2 model. How does it sound? How does it compare to another choice in the price range, the Studio 60 floorstander?
I have the Studio 40 v.2 and my father in-law has the Studio 100 v.3.
For what it is worth, his have smoother mids (which are less recessed) and the top end is not as bright.

I find the v.2 to have a mid band which is slightly held back, and the top end can at times be a bit "tizzy" or bight, but that depends on your equipment and room. It may not be for you, but if you have bright equipment it could be bad. The bass on the v.2 will also go a little deeper, but the v.3 are a little tighter. Over all the v3 is more musical, I also think the v3 look better.

What else are you using with them? Unless you have a few thousand dollars infront of them you might want to look at upgrading your amp/source and buying the v2.

Also truth be told I am saving up for some new speakers. The paradigms were great when I got them, but I have now outgrown them and even the v3 is below were I want to be.

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If you have any questions just ask.

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Okay, thanks for the input. Currently running a C-J PV10A preamp/MF-2200 amp, so not much need to upgrade there. I am basically looking for a great mini monitor/monitor, or smaller 2-way. I have a small room and my 4-was speakers are overpowering the room.

I would look at another mini monitor and skip Paradigm all together. In my experience they are more for home theatre. Other's will disagree, but I am left wanting. I know my CD player is not the best (Rega Planet 2000) but every system I have heard paradigm in (My friend also has Studio 40's and a Wadia front end) I have felt similiar.

Not a awful speaker, you could do worse, but not a supergreat speaker either. IMHO they need a little more mids and a little less bass.

There are many threads on great monitors, so you can take a look. The brands I am looking at are Reference 3a and Focus Audio. However both of those are second choice to a used set of Martin Logans if I can find them (I want to find them local because I do not want to spend $300 to ship a pair of $1500 speakers).