Paradigm Studio 20 vs. von Schweikert VR-1

I know speaker preferences are subjective, but if you've heard both of these, what do you think are the relative strengths and/or weaknesses of each?
Excellent speakers, the VR-1.

Former, President Emeritus Von Schweikert Audio
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I actually did a side-by-side comparison of these two speakers a couple of weeks ago at Systems Design Group in Redondo Beach, CA prior to reading this post. I listened to the Studio 20's first and was impressed by the fullness and detail of the sound. Crisp highs and lows, that while not earth-shattering, that were pretty impressive for a monitor. I next listened to the VR-1's and was blown away. I played the same music, but heard far more detail from the VR-1's than I did from the Studio 20's. The highs in the VR-1's were equally crisp, but more subtle, if that makes any sense. Both great speakers, but I would say the VR-1's are worth the extra $200 retail.