Paradigm studio 20-vs-Coincident Triumph

Hello:I'll appreciate any input on how this two fine monitors compare.thx,AL
Paridigm is mid fi The triumph is Hi Fi
Ja, woll. Paradigm ist nicht so gut als das Triumph.
Paradigm speakers are very nice. High quality, in terms of sound, build quality, fit and finish, everything. Hard to knock in absolute terms, especially when price is factored in. Coincident is another level all together. And, can be considered a steal. There is not much comparison. The Triumph is not one level higher on the ladder, it is two or more. It is superior to Paradigm in just about every area of comparison. Deeper, more natural(less boom), tuneful bass. Better midrange clarity. And much more relaxed and natural treble. No hint of grit, grain, or harshness. The Vifa D26 soft dome tweeter is THE sleeper of the tweeter world. It is used in the Coincident. To do better than this tweeter you have to spend at least 4 times more. The crossover is MUCH simpler, and the parts are of a higher echelon. I believe this new approach to crossovers has been one of the main improvements in loudspeakers over the past 3 to 5 years. The Paradigm's crossover is of a late 80's - early 90's way of thinking/designing speakers. Much has been stripped away from the crossovers as of late, leaving the driver to do the work. With the quality of driver available today, the results are impressive. If the prices are anywhere close to each other in your circumstance, the answer is clear.
I have a pair of the Paradigm Studio 20's for my video system speakers. (My magnepans and main stereo components are relegated to the basement listening room due to the Maggies low WAF). My friend got some Coincidents, the Triumphs. I borrowed them for a week and was impressed. I was so impressed that now I'm toying around with the idea of buying the Coincident Super Eclipses. The Paradigms did not have the presence, musicality, or sound stage of the Triumphs, especially in the mid-range. Both speakers are accurate and have only moderate bass, but the Triumphs are just more musical, even when hooked up to my old SS amp and preamp in my video set up. (Bi-amped Amber Series 70 circa 1982). With my better tube amps the Triumph even sounded more musical. Instruments have their own space and air. In comparison the Paradigm soundstage is cloistered,sounding Japanese -- tight and constricted. I may end up using the Paradigms as rear speakers in a surround sound system. I feel they aren't bad speakers, just no match for the Coincidents. If you have the opportunity, do a side-by-side and see for yourself.