Paradigm Studio 20 v3 VS Ascent Acoustics Sierra1

I'm presently using the Studio 20 v3's. I've had them for years and really like them BUT (and there's always a BUT, isn't there) I feel the treble can be a little on the bright side occasionally causing listener fatigue. I realize that some CD's cannot be tamed no matter what. Perhaps the aluminum tweeter could be the reason? I've read that the metal based hard dome tweeters are generally brighter than the non-metal based soft dome ones. Any truth to this? This is why I'm leaning towards the Sierra-1 which has the soft dome tweeter. Also, the Paradigm Studio 20 v5 is a considerstion. Anyone make direct comparisons with the v3 &v5? What improvements if any? Smoother highs? I'm willing to spend between $1000.00-$1200.00 new or used.

Source: Resolution Audio Opus 21 complete 4-piece system
(no interconnects, all direct connections).
Speaker cable: Cardas Neutral Reference
If You can stretch up to $1750.00, Fritzspeakers Carbon 7
are best choice. Deep bass, crystal clear highs. My room is
20'x 14'x 11' and they sound like floorstanding speakers.
No need for Sub. IMO, Carbon 7 are best monitor speakers up
to $4000.00. I had Dynaudio C4 and C1 and in my room
Carbon 7 outperformed Dynaudios. Paradigm Studio 20 V5 just
looks nice, no bass.
The Sierra's are a great, non fatiguing speakers. You can listen to these for hours and enjoy them. Lots of really great reviews on them too. I love mine. FWIW, Ascend will have an update kit shortly that replaces the crossover and tweeters.

Nice electronics. Resolution Audio makes some good stuff.

Here’s the deal. While you own nice electronics, the Paradigm Studio 20’s that you are using would sound a heck of a lot better on warmer sounding gear. This is mostly due to the Studio 20’s aural signature. They sport very forward treble. Some may even consider it to be overbearing. On top of that, the midrange can sound a bit hollow. Typically speakers that retain this kind of sound are best suited for warm sounding solid state or tube components, or pretty much anything that has soft treble and a blossomed out midrange. The Resolution Audio gear you are using is just the opposite of that. Instead, it takes on a “no frills, tell it like it is approach”. Not a good match for those P’digms. I think you’d be much better off with a set of speakers that sport a softer top end and a fuller sounding midrange.

The Sierra 1’s would be an excellent choice, and should match your existing electronics perfectly well. I’m not so sure I agree with the above poster with regards to them being completely non-fatiguing, but I suppose that’s a matter of reference, electronics, and preference. Nonetheless, they are good speakers and you get what you pay for outta em’.

The Fritz 7 recommendation is actually a real solid one. Although these speakers are out of your budget, I’d consider it to be a healthy step above the Sierra 1’s in all-around performance. That said, I completely disagree with the hyperbole in stating that they among the best sub $4000 monitors around. They aren’t. Again with the whole reference, gear, and preference deal. However, you’d have to REALLY disadvantage a pair of Dynaudio C1’s in order for the Carbon 7’s to take em’ on. Anyways, the bottom line is that the Fritz 7’s are good speakers that should match your electronics perfectly.