Paradigm Studio 20 v2 vs Klipsch RB-61

Hi everyone,

I'm pretty new to all this, but I'm considering either buying a pair of Paradigm Studio 20 V2's or a pair of Klipsch RB-61's. I wanted to first get a sense of whether or not these speakers are in the same league. What are the pros and cons of each. I think I should be able to get a pair of either for approximately the same price. Any thoughts or suggestions?

I am planning on hooking the speakers up to a Marantz NR1501 amp, which runs about 50 Watts per channel. I realize that this may seem low, but I've heard Marantz tends to underestimate the power of their amps by cutting off the rating as soon as any distortion occurs. Do you think that this would be sufficient power to push either of these speakers? I am going to sick to the NR1501 for space reasons.
Some background:

I have not heard the Studio 20 but heard a lot of Paradigms (small book shelfs through the S8) and have heard the RB-61s number of times. I have directly compared some Paradigms and Klipsch speakers back to back. I was helping a friend put together a surround sounds.

On Power:
You have enough power for either speaker. The Klipsch will be MUCH easier to drive. The Studio 20 is 89dB/2.83V/m and the Klipsch are 95dB @ 2.83V / 1m.

For every 3db less of sensitivity you will need double the power. So the Klipsch will take about 1/3 the power of the Paradigms to achieve the same loudness. If I had to guess the Klipsch is only going to used about 7-10 watts at normal listening volume. Maybe someone who knows more could calculate it for you (or google it).


Both are good buys and it will come down to personal preference. For music I like the Paradigm (as a brand) better. The mids are warmer and more natural. The advantage of the Klipsch is the sensitivity and dynamics. They have very good bass for such small speakers. The Paradigms bass is good too (reletive to the size of the speaker) but the nod goes to Klipsch for me. Klipsch are nice for surround sound because of the dynamics.

Anyway listen and choose what ever one you like best. If it were my money I would buy the Paradigms for music and Klipsch for surround sound.

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Not even close. The klipsch is a commercial, mass market speaker, not designed for serious audiophiles. The paradigm has a Long history of being built by and for audiophiles. Studio 20's, whe properly set up, with good electronics are major over achievers in the price range. If you hooked both of them up to really great electronics, and played top notch source material through them, the paradigms would sound much closer to the real event and would also show you much more difference, recording to recording. That is one of the definitions of a good loudspeaker, how different it sounds on different recordings.
You have to excuse Soundcompenents - he's pretty ignorant when it comes to Klipsch. He saw a lower priced speaker line at Best Buy and assumed that was what Klipsch was all about. He's obviously never heard a pair of RF-7s with good amps because I chose them in person over Paradigm Studio 100's in a shootout over 10 years ago. At that time The Studio 100 was the best speaker Paradigm made and the RF-7 was the best Reference speaker Klipsch made. Paradigm doesnt have a speaker on this planet that compares to the Klipsch Khorn, Jubilee or the Palladium line. But he's right, Paradigm's Signature 8, the best speaker they make at about 7k a pair is more for "audiophiles" than Klipsch's Palladium P-39 at 20k a pair. SMH
A little out of date but hopefully useful to someone else. I used to think like Soundcompenents. For the record, I Do own a pair of Studio 20 V2 and it is still my main speakers in my living room for over 5 years mostly used for home theater now. My main theater setup is a DIY Eros. I have also a home theater setup for the 2nd home with the Klipsch Icons Bookshelves and planning on upgrading that to the Klipsh Reference Line RC-52 all the way around. I do like the Klipsch for home theater. And like James63 said. If for music alone, go with Paradigm, and for home theater go with Klipsch reference line.