Paradigm Studio 20 v. 3 vs NHT SB-3

I am putting together my 1st HT system in a diagonal room (TV in a corner). I love classical and Jazz as well as movies. I have heard the Paradigm Reference Studio 20 v.3 and love them, but I need to hang it on the walls using a bracket. They are pretty big.

There is no NHT dealer in my area, but I read so many great comments about the NHT SB-3. They are less expensive and smaller than the Paradigms (better for wall placement using a bracket).

Has anyone heard both and want to comment on their preference?

Thank you in advance,
Aren't studio 20s rear ported? If so, I think the SB3s being a sealed design is the better choice for wall mounting. Just remember that NHTs are around 86db and need good power.
The Studio v.2 are rear vented but the version 3 is front ported.

Is there another choice I haven't considered?
You may get more feedback on other forums like and This forum is in general aimed at the higher end. This is a great place to learn and reading virtual systems is a great place to learn a lot in a very constructive envioment.