paradigm studio 20 or soliloquy 5.0?

which speaker is more refined,has better bottom end,mids and highs for a 25w triode int amp?,thx,Al
i have the soliloquy 5.0 in rosewood and I love them. I had a pair of B&W cdm1 and I got rid of them for the solils. The bottom end is tight but, it is not the deepest after all it is monitor and it is a rather small cabinent. The mids are superb and the highs are very good as well. The speaker is very crisp and it has a large soundstage. Overall I have been more than happy with my purchace. E mail me if you are interested in a pair in rosewood color. I can give you a good deal I have an extra pair. However, Even If you don't get them from me they are highly recomended.
I had the 20's for almost a year until I traded up to the 80's.I have never loved a speaker more than the 20's.I still think about the total disappearing act they pull.The midrange is as good as they come.The bass is real tight and and went deep enough for me.The only reason I traded up is because Im a rocker.I have a Dynaco ST-70 @ 35 wpc.I got decent volumn,but not enough for my tastes.If you can live with music instead of VOLUMN!! then this is your speaker!!
Hello jedisqueezer and thanks for your help,yes i'm interested in you 5.0,i'll love to talk to you but what's your e-mail?,mine is [email protected],thx,AL
Check out Deals and Demos in the "NEW TODAY" section of audiogon.Im telling you,the 20's are KILLER!! Check out Stereophile's recommended components list about them also.
Studio 20's are unreal. Solioquy are very good, but not unreal.