Paradigm studio 100s

I was wondering if anyone has any opinions on Paradigms studio 100s I am thinking about buying them along with the cc 690 center it will be used for listening to music and for movies. I will be using them with a Integra 9.9. pre amp I currently have Defenitive bp 2000 towers and 2ooo center. They are great speakers but I prefer pin point imaging for music. I wonder what other differencs that would noticed.Thanks for your opinions
Studio 100's are great for movies and for rocking out but will NOT give you good imaging, much less pinpoint imaging.
I have a pair of these I use 4 HT. They are great 4 the price. Music is not bad either.
do vocals sound good? bass? sound stage?
Paradigm won't be quite the best speaker in terms of precision sound stage and imaging. Also, what version are we discussing here? The line improves steadily over the years.
I think most of the comments above are fairly on target. Nice speakers. I personally found them somewhat lacking in detail (Rotel 1560 driving them in a treated room) with a tiny bit of a muddled midrange. Eventually I went in another direction but I would not kick em out of bed for eating crackers as the saying goes. I did get to listen to the V4 against the V5 with everything else the same and I could not hear any difference. No comment on pre V4. I suspect that these speakers would reward more power and louder playing levels but that is just a guess.
Interesting to hear your opinion on the V.5 as compared to their predecessor. The biggest change in the series was at the v.3 introduction. The v.4 was primarily driver enhancements and the current model has changes in drivers & cabinets and probably some crossover tuning.

Stereophile had the 60's v.3 to v.5 in comparison and found improvements overall. But the new 60's are quite different then the past models. Maybe the narrow baffle and smaller as well as likely better damped cabinet help.
Wish I had a good answer for you Mmeysarosh. One thing I did notice was that the V4 cabinet was not exactly a noodle so any difference there would likely be the curvature. Entirely possible that I simply do not have the ear to note the differences. Nice if there was a test for that! I can tell the difference on my system of a couple degrees (less?) of toe in or grills on/off. Either way on that day the V4 and 5 were the same to me.
I am talking about thr latest version reference studio 100
I heard the Studio 100v.5 with a Cambridge Audio 840 series set.Really good all around sound.Nothing stood out above anything else,which is how I prefer a speaker to sound.I can't say how they will sound in your system or if you will like them.Can you go somewhere to listen to a pair?You never know till you hear for yourself.Good luck and Happy New Year.
I bought the 60v5's last august and they need 100 hours breakin run time atleast to fully appreciate. A big up grade from my v2's. Tweeters need to be at ear level.